Services to Local Authorities

Fostering for You provides the following placements for children placed by local authorities.

  • Long Term placements
  • Short term or ‘bridging’ placements
  • Respite placements
  • Emergency placements
  • Parent and Child placements
  • Special needs placements as follows:
    a. Remand placements
    b. Special behavioural needs placements
    c. Placements for children with disabilities
    d. Short Breaks placements

We aim to provide foster carers within a maximum of 20 miles of all local authorities within our current area of recruitment/service provision (see WHERE WE’RE RECRUITING  for details)
To make a referral or obtain further information about our services please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     or   call: 020 86734296

Working in Partnership

Our services to local authorities are based on working in partnership to jointly promote the welfare of looked after children.
For us working in partnership entails the following:

  • Frequent and open communication
  • Regular consultation with all parties
  • Transparency in decision making

Through which we aim to promote the following:

  • Openness, trust and honesty between all parties
  • Shared goals and objectives
  • Improved coordination between all parties
  • Longer lasting relationships between all parties including Fostering for you and its local authority customers
  • Better outcomes for children and all parties involved.

Placement stability

Promoting the stability of placements made with Fostering for You is a key objective for our service and we do this by means of the following:

  • Enhanced  and advanced, quality training for foster carers
  • Therapeutic support for foster placements
  • Highly responsive professional and practical support for foster carers
  • Careful matching of children with foster carers to ensure that they are placed with carers who are best able to meet their needs

Quality assurance

The Fostering for You management have years of experience in the successful implementation of quality child care services and therefore attach great importance maintaining an effective quality assurance process.
Fostering for You quality assurance is based upon the following:

  • Identifying clear bench marks for the performance of all aspects of the fostering service
  • Systematic monitoring of all aspects of the service to ascertain the extent to which they are meeting the requirements of the fostering service
  • Acting to improve and enhance systems for service delivery, or make other interventions whenever it is apparent that these systems are not performing at the required level
  • Monitoring outcomes for children and taking the required steps to ensure that these outcomes remain in accordance with the following; that every child should:
    1. Be healthy
    2. Stay safe
    3. Enjoy and achieve
    4. Make a positive contribution
    5. Achieve economic wellbeing



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