Who can Foster?

It could be someone just like you that becomes a foster carer.

It takes someone who is willing to welcome a child into your home and to look after them as part of the family.

The essential requirements to be a carer are that:Carer and young girl

  • You have at least one spare room
  • You are at least 25 years of age
  • You have experience of children that you feel you would like to bring to raising a foster child within your family
  • You have enough time to give towards raising a child
  • You are committed to nurturing and promoting the welfare of children
  • You are willing to commit to the assessment and training required to become a confident foster carer

A foster carer may be, in addition:

  • Of any religious or spiritual background
  • Of any ethnic or cultural background
  • Single or part of a couple
  • Of any sexual orientation
  • Employed or unemployed

A foster carer may need to act as a spokesperson for a child as well as be able to talk to and interact with them using fairness, good judgement and wisdom, as well as a measure of good humour.

It helps for you to be able to know when to listen to and when to speak in support of the child or young person. Your patience with the child may make all the difference: a sense of perspective and a positive attitude can sometimes be the key to success.

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