Carer and young girlDescription of Fostering

To foster is to provide a family for a child: a home away from home

Fostering for You puts the child at the centre. But we also know that for you to foster well, you as a carer must also be well supported.

Children are separated from their families for all sorts of reasons. All of these children need the guidance, nurturing and attention that they might not  get otherwise, and they need it in a safe family environment. That is where you come in.
We believe that every child should have the opportunity to be raised in safety and with love: and so do you. That is what will bring us together to make an alliance on behalf of a child who comes into care.

All types of children may be fostered: one child or brothers and sisters; babies up to late teens. They come from a range of backgrounds, in terms of their parent culture. Some may be refugees, some may have a background of abuse; language and cultural norms may differ so it’s always good when we can find a home that will provide the right kind of support to the child to enable her or him develop into a stable and balanced human being. Some families may just need respite from looking after a child with intensive physical care needs.

When fostering takes place it is a team effort because there has to be cooperation between all of the parties who have an interest in the child’s well-being, as is the case with the raising of one’s own children.

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